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To source and maintain mutual business relations with reputable Technology Innovators as strategic partners worldwide.
S/N        EQUIPMENT DESCRIPTION                        
1        CABLE WORKS        
1.01        3M copper cable Splicing module                                
1.02        Copper cable continuity tester                        
1.03        Cable Tracer
1.04        Optimal Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)
1.05        Fujikura Fibre Optic splicer (splice mate)
1.06        Cable Jack for aerial cable installation
1.07        Drum for Telecoms pole installation        
1.08        Cable Stack
1.09        Cable Trolley
1.10        Stagger
1.11        Gas cylinder for sealing Raychem closures
1.12        Cable Winch
1.13.        Optical Splicing Machine        
2        CIVIL WORKS        
2.01        Measuring Wheels                        
2.02        Asphalt Cutting Machines                        
2.03        Concrete mixers                        
2.04        Shovels                        
2.05        Diggers                        
2.06        Sledge hammers
2.07        Computers for CAD Designs                        
3        SAFETY                
3.01        Safety boots                        
3.02        Coverall                        
3.03        Caution                        
3.04        Rain coats                        
3.05        Safety vests                        
4        OFFICE                
4.01        Computer work Stations                        
4.02        Laptops                        
4.03        Plotters for layout drawing print outs
Our initiative is aimed at achieving a strategy of a 'one stop shop” that provides a full range of telecommunications services to our numerous clients and to remain a model for others.
To maintain a cost effective practice in the delivery of qualitative, efficient, timely and responsive telecoms support services infrastructure to our customers.